December 2017 Issue
To Every Man His Work
By F. B. Meyer
Abound In The Work Of The Lord
By Rich Carmicheal
Watching! Working! Hastening Unto The Coming Of The Lord
By A. B. Simpson
The Spiritís Power For Service
By D. L. Moody
A Secret Of Effective Service
By DeVern Fromke
Service Which Costs
God Is At Work Around You
By Henry & Richard Blackaby and Claude King
"Every Manís Work ... Shall Be Revealed By Fire"
By George D. Watson
We Beseech You Ė Come Down, Lord!
By Roger Ellsworth
Are You Ready To Be The Answer To The Prayers You Pray?
By Kim Butts
Experience Of A Ministerís Wife On The Frontier
Ė Touching Incidents And Remarkable Answers To Prayer, 1893.
"Be Strong ... And Work"
By Lois Stucky (1928 - 2014)
Herald International - Good Works The Light Of The World
Day Of Prayer And Fasting
News And Prayer Briefs
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