April 2018 Issue
God Above All
By A. W. Tozer
Repentance And Revival In The Last Days
By Rich Carmicheal
Setting Our Hearts To Seek God
By J. N. J.
GOD In The Midst Of His People
By Richard Owen Roberts
Humble Origins Of Revival
By Sarah Foulkes Moore
Pray In Faith For Revival
By W. C. Moore
Lord, Stir Us From Our Apathy! Wake Us From Our Slumber!
By A. A. Ronshausen
God Prepares For Revival
By D. Colin Jones
Preparation For Heaven-sent Revival
By Al Whittinghill
The Congo (Zare) 1953
By Brian H. Edwards
Living All-out For God
By K. A. Smith
Persevering Prayer For Children
By Gardiner Spring (1785 1873)
Parental Example
By Arthur W. Pink
Mary Slessor Missionary To Calabar (Part 3)
Cherish Gods Stirrings
By Lois Stucky (1928 2014)
Herald International - The Impact Of Revival In Evangelism And Missions
News And Prayer Briefs
Out Of Mail Box 279