March 2017 Issue
And I Sought For A Man
By Carter Conlon

Praying The Word Of God
By Rich Carmicheal
Prevailing Prayer The Need Of The Church

By Wesley L. Duewel

God Needs Intercessors

By Dennis Kinlaw

A Testimony To The Power Of Intercession
Equipped For Conquest

By Charles Usher

Come Down, Lord!  We Miss You

By Roger Ellsworth

The Ministry Of Prayer
"O Lord, Revive Thy Work!"

By T. T. Shields

Wider Usefulness Through Prayer

By David MacIntyre
Prayerlessness Is The Foe Of Revival

M. W. Knapp
My Heart Needs Thee, O Lord!
George Matheson
A Prayer For Revival
"Even So, Come, Lord Jesus!"

By D. M. Panton

Praise In Prayer

By Derek Prince

A Morning Prayer

By J. R. Miller

Praying For Children
George Whitefield:  A Burning Zeal For Christ (Part 2)

Pray On!
By Lois J. Stucky (1928 2014)

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