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Blessing Upon Our Children

By Charles H. Spurgeon (1834 – 1892)

    The Lord promises a blessing upon our children:  “I will pour My Spirit upon your seed” (Isa. 44:3).

    Our children need the Spirit of God.  They are born in sin and shapen in iniquity:  in sin do the best of mothers conceive their children, and, however well you may train them, you cannot take the stone out of the heart nor turn it into flesh.  To give a new heart and a right spirit is the work of the Holy Spirit, and by the Holy Spirit alone.

    We are all dead, and as the Spirit of God can alone renew us, so He alone can renew them, and there is no natural goodness, no amiability, no generosity of character which can supersede the work of the Holy Spirit.  We must remember this and hold to it, that we pray to God to work by His Spirit in their hearts.

    Then you have in the promise, the plenty of grace which God gives.  He says, “I will pour My Spirit upon your seed” – not a little of it, but they shall have abundance.  You are not to expect children merely to exhibit faint traces of grace, but in the strength of this promise, you may look for great things.  You ought not in the case of children to look merely for life, you will find vigorous life; you may not expect a little surface knowledge only, but you may expect to find in them a depth of knowledge in the things of God, for so God’s promise says, “I will pour My Spirit upon your seed.”

    I must not leave the text without noticing the blessedness of all this.  “I will pour…My blessing upon your offspring.”  Oh! what a blessing it is to have our offspring saved!  May God allow each of us to see it.  Beloved, we wish them well, we wish them the best of God’s gifts, but if we were asked whether we would have them famous or wealthy, we should pause to ask whether it would be good for them; but if we were asked, “Shall they be saved?” we feel we would cheerfully give our life, if that must be the price, to know that our children walked in the truth.  “I have no greater joy than this,” said one in Holy Scripture, and there can be no greater joy than this to the Christian parent.  How happy the family becomes!

    God does not fulfill such promises as these without our bringing them before Him in earnest fervent prayer.  I invite you, therefore, to much earnest prayer!

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