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The High Calling Of Prayer

By Lois J. Stucky (1928 – 2014)

    Our calling in Christ Jesus is a high and holy one.  We cannot think lightly of it, but must endeavor to fulfill all God intends, for His dear sake.  He has a work for us to do.  God works through His overcomers – those who have appropriated His way of victory – to overcome the works of the devil in this world.

    We all need to pray and we all need to be prayed for.  We never know when and where Satan might call up his hosts to attack.  There God has need of warrior saints who will rally to withstand and to stand as victors in His name.

    Think of the battle going on in this country for the souls of children.  The enemy comes with one tactic after another to grab for himself the souls of our nation’s most precious possession, our children.  Needed are soldiers of the Cross who will be instruments in God’s hands for putting the enemy Satan to flight.  Every Christian parent and grandparent should take up spiritual arms for this purpose.  Children are too young to realize the fury of the battle and too easily fall prey.

    And how the unreached peoples of the world need our prayers to deliver them from the enslaving powers of darkness.  We thank God for anointed leaders who are focusing the prayers of God’s people worldwide on these multitudes who have yet to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  As we continue to unite aggressive prayers of faith, strongholds will crumble and fall, and victims will go free!  We will hear more and more reports of some from every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation who have joined the ranks of the redeemed.

    Yes, brothers and sisters, God has need of us in this hour of increasing iniquity and sin.  We must first of all appropriate our crucifixion with Christ (Rom. 6:1-7) and our being raised with Christ to walk in newness of life (Rom. 6:8-14), exercising authority over the enemy Satan.  Let us be in the Word of God as much as possible, and be skillful handlers of the Word.  Use Scripture plentifully in your prayers.  Let us make vital use of the precious blood of Christ, another powerful weapon with which to overcome the enemy.  We must keep ourselves sheltered under the blood when we do spiritual warfare as protection against the enemy.

    – Adapted.

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