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A Morning Prayer

By Ruth Paxson 

    Dear Heavenly Father, Thou who dost neither slumber nor sleep, I thank Thee for Thy protecting care during the night watches and for the dawn of a new day.  Cleanse my life now of every stain of yester­day’s sin and create in me a clean heart.  The hours of this day are golden, for with their passing they are gone forever; therefore unfold to me the plan for their life.  Let me not mar that plan by any omission of service because of fear, timidity or unwillingness; let me add nothing to it which mere human impulse or selfish ambition dictates.  My life is but one, but as Thou didst multiply the lad’s meagre luncheon so that it was enough to feed thousands, with food to spare, so multiply my life that it, through prayer and rich self-giving, may bless multitudes.

    Dear Lord Jesus, touch me before the hurrying world touches me, so that the fever of haste and restlessness may leave me and I may rise and minister unto others with a still heart, testifying through my life of the blessed heritage of peace Thou didst bequeath us.  Teach me to enjoy life not so much through the retrospection of a dead past and the anticipations of an uncertain future as through a hearty sepa­ration of my whole being unto the things and people of the living present.

    Tender Father, I thank Thee for the many loving kindnesses and tender mercies with which Thy children are constantly crowning my life; today may I be as kind, good and thoughtful to others.  There will be many weary, discouraged, tempted, lonely, heartsick, needy ones in the crowd today.  O tender Son of man, live in me, so that, I may…by a smile, a letter, a word, a touch of sympathy and love, meet the need and satisfy the longing of some human souls.  If it be only a cup of cold water for one of Thy little ones, let me carry it for Thy sweet sake, and tonight may I hear Thee say, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these, ye have done it unto Me.”

    Today my life may be the only Bible some person will read.  So teach me how to understand and incarnate Thy truth that my life may be a living message, written with the Spirit of the living God.  Today, precious Christ, let me become more like Thee, and let each tomorrow be but a daily transformation into Thy image, whom, having not seen, I love, until that promised day comes when I shall be ­really like Thee, for I shall see Thee as Thou art.

    Dear Father, grant these petitions in the name of Thy dear Son.  Amen.

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