"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Past Issues of Herald of His Coming
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        January/February 2024: The Glory Of Christ – Beheld
        March/April 2024: The Self Life And The Christ Life
        May/June 2024: Face The Future With Faith In God


        January/February 2023: "It Is Time To Seek The Lord"
        March/April 2023: The Cross Of Christ
        May/June 2023: Brokenness – The Beginning Of Revival
        July/August 2023: "Watch Therefore...Your Lord Cometh..."
September/October 2023: Something From Heaven
        November/December 2023: "Lovest Thou Me?"


        January/February 2022: Having An Encounter With God
        March/April 2022: The Gospel Of The Glory Of Christ
        May/June 2022: Repent – The Kingdom Of God Is At Hand
        July/August 2022: Our Vital Need For The Power Of The Spirit
        September/October 2022: Heaven-Sent Revival Can Save A Nation 
        November/December 2022: The Holy Spirit Guides Us Into All Truth

        January/February 2021: The All-Sufficiency Of Christ
        March/April 2021: Christ Is The Only Hope For The World
        May/June 2021: Extraordinary, United Prayer
        July/August 2021: Love At Its Utmost
        September/October 2021: "Be Still, And Know That I Am God"
        November/December 2021: We Plead Or We Perish

        January 2020: The Word A Sword
        February 2020: The Need To Confess Our Own Sins
        March 2020: Knowing God Through Prayer
        April 2020: The Majesty Of God
        May/June 2020: Christ's Urgent Summons To Repentance
        July/August 2020: The Fullness Of The Spirit
        September/October 2020: Seek the Lord's Mercy In The Midst Of Judgment
        November/December 2020: Called For Such A Time As This

January 2019: Miracles Follow The Plow
        February 2019: Hard Places In The Way Of Faith
        March 2019: Beholding The Crucified Christ
        April 2019: Seek To Be A Light In The World
        May 2019: The Passion For Holiness
        June 2019: Sanctification And Evangelism
        July/August 2019: The Sovereignty Of God
        September 2019: The Church Needs A Renewal Of The Power Of Pentecost
        October 2019: Set The Saints Everywhere To Praying
        November 2019: The Holy Spirit And Christ's Return
        December 2019: The Christian Race

January 2018: Faith Unlocks The Treasures Of Heaven
        February 2018: Face The Future With Faith In God
        March 2018: We Need The Supernatural Power Of The Holy Spirit
        April 2018: God Above All
        May 2018: We Must Turn From Our Sin In Repentance
        June 2018: The Word Of God Brings Spiritual Life
        July/August 2018: Our Great Need Of The Holy Spirit
        September 2018: The Two Appearings And The Discipline Of Grace
        October 2018: Prayer And The Coming Kingdom
        November 2018: Fire From Heaven
        December 2018: An Earnest Warning About Lukewarmness


        January 2017: God Has A Word For This Hour
        February 2017: The Knowledge Of The Holy
        March 2017: And I Sought For A Man
        April 2017: Our Ever-Living Intercessor
        May 2017: Divine Visitations – Man’s Great Hope
        June 2017: A Heart Wholly Given To God
        July/August 2017: The Lost Agony For Souls
        September 2017: The Chief End Of Prayer
        October 2017: The Only Hope For Turning America Back To God
        November 2017: Are You Ready For The Coming Of The Lord?
        December 2017: To Every Man His Work

        January 2016: Christ Is The Only Hope For The World
February 2016: The Power Of The Word Of God
March 2016: The Crucifixion Of Jesus Christ
April 2016: Is There Hope For Revival In Darkening Days?
May 2016: Evil Is At The Gate
June 2016: The Signs Of The Lord’s Return
July/August 2016: Awake To Abundant Life In Christ
September 2016: Hold Fast! Pray Through!
October 2016: Our Throne Rights In Christ
November 2016: America’s Only Hope
        December 2016: Christ In You

January 2015: Where Is The Salt?
        February 2015: When Sorrow Strikes
        March 2015: Storming Heaven: The Power Of Desperate Prayer
        April 2015: The Year That King Uzziah Died
        May 2015: We Plead Or We Perish
        June 2015: Revival In Light Of God’s Eternal Purpose
        July/August 2015: Wake Up, O Church Of God!
        September 2015: Looking Unto Jesus
        October 2015: God’s Power And Holy Fire For Our World-Sized Task
        November 2015: Praying Men And Women Can Turn The Tide
        December 2015: Stand Firm Against The Gathering Darkness

January 2014: Jesus’ Revival Words For This Hour
        February 2014: Judgment Or Revival? PRAY!
        March 2014: Jesus The Wonderful
        April 2014: The Holiness Of God
        May 2014: Godliness, Worship And Prayer In Our Homes
        June 2014: Ready, Looking And Longing For Our Lord’s Return
        July 2014: Victory Is Already Ours
        August 2014: Intercession – The Blessed Link To God’s Omnipotence
        September 2014: Becoming Mighty In Prayer
        October 2014: Alarms Are Sounding – Wake Up And Repent!
        November 2014: Occupy Till I Come!
        December 2014: The Sinfulness Of Sin And Its Blessed Remedy  

        January 2013: Victors Through Christ!
February 2013: The Holy Spirit’s Power In The Believer
March 2013: God’s Word – Light, Life And Power
April 2013: Living For Christ In The End Times
        May 2013: Begin At My Sanctuary
        June 2013: Called To Tell The World Of God’s Love
        July 2013: Prayer For A Revived Church
        August 2013: God Shapes The World By Prayer
        September 2013: The Majesty Of God
October 2013: Five Marks Of A Revived Believer
November 2013: Lord, I Agree
December 2013: Revival Is Coming


        January 2012: What Happens In Revival
        February 2012:  O God, Breathe New Life Into Us!
        March 2012: Lord, Give Us Tears As We Pray
        April 2012: Christ’s Victory At Calvary
        May 2012: True Worship Of God
        June 2012: A Call To Fervent Revival Prayer
        July 2012: The Nature Of A God-Sent Revival
        August 2012: The Lord Rewards Unwavering Faith
        September 2012: Prayer Is As Vast As God
        October 2012: Prayer Must Have Priority
        November 2012: The Purging Fire Of The Spirit
        December 2012: Christ Is All!

        January 2011: A Divinely Empowered Church – To Save A Dying World!
        February 2011: Have You Lost Your First Love?
        March 2011: True Discipleship
        April 2011: God Coming Down!
        May 2011: God’s Word, The Standard Of The Christ-Centered Life
        June 2011: Except Ye Repent
        July 2011: Releasing God’s Power Through Prayer
        August 2011: "...Holy And Without Blemish"
        September 2011: Be Careful Lest You Fall Away
        October 2011: Stand Firm In Christ To The End
        November 2011: Revival In The Race
        December 2011: "Watch Therefore...Your Lord Cometh..."

        January 2010: A Solemn Charge To Preach The Word
        February 2010: The Pursuit Of Holiness
        March 2010: The Role Of Prayer In Revival
        April 2010: Are You Ready For The Coming Of The Lord?
        May 2010: Becoming Mighty In Prayer
        June 2010: Judgment Must Begin At The House Of God
        July 2010: Do You Understand The Time In Which You Live?
        August 2010: God Has A Word For This Hour
        September 2010: Believing For Revival
        October 2010: Promises And Preparation For Revival
        November 2010: Stir Yourself Up To Take Hold Of God
        December 2010: Lord, Visit Us Afresh!

        January 2009:  "O Lord, Revive Thy Work!"
        February 2009: Qualities Of Godly Leadership
        March 2009: Thirsty For The Living Water
        April 2009: The Cross And The Resurrection
        May 2009: Conviction Of Sin And A Revival Of Holiness
        June 2009: When Will There Be Revival?
        July 2009: God’s Call To Revival
        August 2009: The Magnificence Of Jesus
        September 2009: When The Glory Returns
        October 2009: The Church Needs A Renewal Of The Power Of Pentecost!
        November 2009: The Why Of Revival: To Exalt And To Glorify God
        December 2009: Pleading For Revival In Our Day

        January 2008: Christ Is Building His Church
        February 2008: God’s Law Of Revival Is Realistic
        March 2008: Praying Like The Apostle Paul
        April 2008: Help Turn The Course Of Your Nation
        May 2008: We Stand At The Crossroads Of Destiny
        June 2008: Floods On Dry Ground
        July 2008: Recapturing Our First Love
        August 2008: Abound In The Work Of The Lord
        September 2008: God Is Seeking Intercessors
        October 2008: How To Repent
        November 2008: Be Strong And Courageous
        December 2008: The Role Of Faith In Revival

        January 2007: Local Church Prayer And Worship
        February 2007: Divine Visitations – Man’s Great Hope
        March 2007: It Took Pentecost To Shake Jerusalem
        April 2007: Missing The Day Of Divine Visitation
        May 2007: My Personal Experience of Revival
        June 2007: Revival Tarries Because Repentance Is Not Preached
        July 2007: The Atmosphere Of Revival
        August 2007: Having An Encounter With God
        September 2007: With Christ In The Prayer Battle
        October 2007: The Role Of A Spiritual Watchman
        November 2007: Encountering God When He Is Near
        December 2007: Living In The Last Hours Of The Last Days

        January 2006: The Life That Wins
        February 2006: The Pleasure Of God In Obedience
        March 2006: Revival Can Save A Nation
        April 2006: The Cross Before The Throne
        May 2006: Loving God With All Our Heart
        June 2006: Why Is There No Revival?
        July 2006: Living In Partnership With God
        August 2006: Preparation For Revival
        September 2006: Revival Tarries When Shepherds Fail
        October 2006: Bearing God’s Burden For Others
        November 2006: Faith In And For The Holy Spirit
        December 2006: The Holiness Of God

        January 2005: Revival: Total Release To God
        February 2005: Relationship Of Revival And Evangelism
        March 2005: The Lord, The Nation, And The Choice
        April 2005: The Potential Pitfalls Of Ministry
        May 2005: Helps In Sharing Christ With Others
        June 2005: Power Through Strengthlessness
        July 2005: Hannah – A Passion For The Glory Of God
        August 2005: The Reality Of The Spiritual Conflict
        September 2005: The Prayer Of Faith
        October 2005: The Church Is To Reflect The Glory Of Christ
        November 2005: The Marks Of Jesus
        December 2005: The Lord Is Coming Soon..."Hold Fast!"

        January 2004: A Christ Awakening And The Movement Of Prayer
        February 2004: A Christ Awakening And The Struggle Of Prayer
        March 2004: Prevailing Prayer – The Need of the Church
        April 2004: Revival Is A Turning Time
        May 2004: The Wait of Revival
        June 2004: The Power Of The Word Of God
        July 2004: Why Revival Tarries
        August 2004: Pleading for God's Mercy
        September 2004: The Missing Piece
        October 2004: Prayer and Revival
        November 2004: The Pathway To Revival
        December 2004: Will God Send Revival To America Once Again?

        January 2003: Where Judgment Must Begin
        February 2003: Astonished At What Happens When Jesus Shows Up
        March 2003: The Importance Of Worship
        April 2003: Discerning The Spirits
        May 2003: The Pitfalls Of A Leader
        June 2003: The Sure Stance For Defeating Darkness
        July 2003: Hope For A People In An Age Of Terror
        August 2003: Ablaze With A Passion For Souls
        September 2003: The Three-Fold Sin Of Society
        October 2003: Stir Up The Gift Of God
        November 2003: Godly Living And Witness In An Ungodly Age
        December 2003: Preparation For Revival

        January 2002: Called For Such A Time As This
        February 2002: Be Part of God's Emergency Prayer Network!
        March 2002: The Quest For God's Best
        April 2002: Moving Out When God Moves In
        May 2002: When The Day Of Pentecost Was Fully Come
        June 2002: We Need "Seasons Of Refreshing" Now!
        July 2002: Return To Me
        August 2002: Corporate Revival: A Fresh Encounter With God
        September 2002: Keys To Spiritual Revival In Our Homes And Churches
        October 2002: When God Comes
        November 2002: Desperate Prevailing Prayer
        December 2002: A Heart In Harmony With The Throne Room Of God

        January 2001: Looking Unto Jesus
        February 2001: Come Down, Lord! We Miss You
        March 2001: Come Down, Lord! We Need You
        April 2001: Jesus’ Revival Words For This Hour
        May 2001: Born To Worship
        June 2001: Seven Reasons Why I Believe in Revival
        July 2001: Come Down, Lord!  We Belong To You
        August 2001:  We Beseech You – Come Down, Lord!
        September 2001:  The Christian's Spiritual Warfare
        October 2001:  The Way Of The Cross Means – Accepting The Cup Of Suffering
        November 2001:  Revival Is Christ-Centered
        December 2001:  Jesus – Our Horn Of Salvation, Our Coming King!

        January 2000: Revival Crowns Christ King
        February 2000: Prayer Is As Vast As God
        March 2000: Prayer Which Brings Revival
        April 2000: Jesus Christ Is Victor!
        May 2000: God Looks For Pioneers of Revival
        June 2000: The Church’s Greatest Need
        July 2000: Biblical Reasons For Every Christian To Evangelize
        August 2000: God’s Power In Revival
        September 2000: It Is Time To Seek The Lord
        October 2000: The Urgency of Repentance
        November 2000: The Moment Of Revival
        December 2000: Prayer That Begins Revival

        January 1999: God’s Purpose For Marriage
        February 1999: Proclaim God's Greatness!
        March 1999: Christ’s Cry To Today’s Church
        April 1999: True Conversion Results In A Changed Life
        May 1999: God's Pattern For Revival
        June 1999: Christ Prayed For The Unity Of Believers
        July 1999: The Importance Of Studying God's Word
        August 1999: Why We May Expect Revival
        September 1999: An Unchanging God In A Changing World
        October 1999: How Do You See The Cross?
        November 1999: God Honors United Prayer
        December 1999: Face The Future With Faith In God

        January 1998: Revival Is Coming If...
        February 1998: Revival In The Home
        March 1998: Stirring Ourselves To Prayer!
        April 1998: When Christ Returns
        May 1998: Yielded To The Lordship Of Christ
        June 1998: Let's Have Revival Now!
        July 1998: Souls Are Dying! Set Yourself To Win Them!
        August 1998: A Man, A Message, A Movement Godward
        September 1998: The Pattern For Revival
        October 1998: Heart-Cry For Revival
        November 1998: The Heart That God Revives
        December 1998: "Broken Cisterns"

        January 1997: The Holy Spirit Comes With Power
        February 1997: We Must Have God’s Fullness!
        March 1997: Let God Search Your Heart
        April 1997: The Triumph Of Christ’s Cross
        May 1997: Releasing Revival Power
        June 1997: Faith in Life’s Difficult Places
        July 1997: God Advances His Work By Outpourings Of His Spirit
        August 1997: The Fullness Makes The Difference
        September 1997: Turn From Sin And Believe The Gospel
        October 1997: Every Christian A Witness
        November 1997: Victory Over Spiritual Conflict
        December 1997: On Guard Against The Enemy

        January 1996: The Church Invades in the Power of God
        February 1996: The Bible – A Treasure Invaluable
        March 1996: Destined For The Cross
        April 1996: Praying For Revival With Determination
        May 1996: Worship God And Give Him Glory
        June 1996: My Life – A Living Sacrifice
        July 1996: "As Goes The Church – So Goes The World"
        August 1996: The Holy Spirit – Author Of Revival
        September 1996: When God Withdraws His Glory
        October 1996: Forgiven To Forgive
        November 1996: Share Christ’s Cross – Share His Life
        December 1996: World Evangelism – It Can Be Done!

        January 1995: A Christian Is A "New Man"
        February 1995: Reigning With Christ
        March 1995: Christian Living In The Home
        April 1995: Worldwide The Need – Worldwide This Call!
        May 1995: Building Bridges Through Prayer Summits
        June 1995: God's Law Of Revival Is Realistic
        July 1995: Beware Of A False Gospel
        August 1995: The Holy Spirit Is The Power Of God
        September 1995: Faith Puts God To Work
        October 1995: Following Hard After God
        November 1995: The Solemn Assembly
        December 1995: There Is No Higher Name Than Jesus!

     January 1994: The Power Of United Prayer
        February 1994: Have No Other Gods!
        March 1994: Obedience: Title To Divine Blessing
        April 1994: God Is Seeking Intercessors
        May 1994: God’s Abounding Grace May Be Yours
        June 1994: Forever Triumphant
        July 1994: Nestling In The Hand Of God
        August 1994: Hope For Revival
        September 1994: The Power Of The Holy Spirit
        October 1994: Holiness Is Not An Option
        November 1994: Pressing On To Win The Prize
        December 1994: Jesus – The Wonderful One

        January 1993: Knowing God Better
        February 1993: Steadfast In Battle
        March 1993: We Need New Life From God
        April 1993: Tragedy Of A Powerless Church
        May 1993: With Every Great Revival
        June 1993: The Magnificence Of Jesus
        July 1993: The Dynamic Of Faith
        August 1993:  Our Tasks Were Never So Great
        September 1993: The Behavior Of A Christian
        October 1993: Brokenness – The Beginning Of Revival
        November 1993: Blow, Wind of Revival!
        December 1993: Behold, Christ Comes

        January 1992: God’s Order For Happy Family Life
        February 1992: An Empire Builder for God
        March 1992: Victors Through Christ!
        April 1992: God Works As The Church Prays
        May 1992: We Must Be Eternity-Minded
        June 1992: We Are God’s Stewards
        July 1992: The Christian’s Call To Arms                                                                        
        August 1992: Laying Ourselves Out For God And For Souls
        September 1992: Giving The Gospel To Children
        October 1992: Called For This Crisis Hour!
        November 1992: True Spirituality – What Is It?
        December 1992: Christ Is All And In All

      January 1991: Unction In The Pulpit! Action In The Pew!
        February 1991: Christian, Unsheathe Your Sword! You Were Born To Fight The Good Fight Of Faith!
        March 1991: The Heart Of The Christian Life – Obeying God
        April 1991: Repentance – Prerequisite To Revival
        May 1991: The Second Coming And Our Life Mission
        June 1991: Bearing Fruit
        July 1991: What It Means To Live A Life Of Prayer
        August 1991: God’s Judgments On Sin Are Certain
        September 1991: Mighty Faith Needed
        October 1991: Christ Is Coming Again!
        November 1991: Why The Cross?
        December 1991: Peace With God

January 1990: The Lordship Of Christ In The Home
        February 1990: God’s Warning To The World
        March 1990: The First-Century Church – Alive And Aglow With The Power And Purity Of The Holy Spirit!
        April 1990: The Bible Is A Nation’s Greatest Asset
        May 1990: God’s Call To Revival
        June 1990: World Evangelization Is Brought About By Prayer
        July 1990: Lest Ye Be Entangled
        August 1990: The Authority Of The Believer
        September 1990: Do We Need Revival?
        October 1990: Stir The Slumbering Saints!
        November 1990: Prayer Must Have Priority!
        December 1990: ...Holy And Without Blemish