"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

God’s Sustaining Promises

By William Gurnall

    God’s promises are the hive of sweetness where the believing soul "stays warm in the winter of affliction and lives abundantly on stored-up mercies. They are the safe havens to which the tempted soul steers his weatherbeaten ship and here stays secure" till the heavens clear, and the storm is over, which the world, sin, and Satan raise upon him.

    Even when death itself approaches and the devil has but one skirmish more to get or lose the victory for ever, then faith on the promise carries the Christian’s soul out of the garrison of his body – where he has endured so hard a siege – with colors flying, and joy triumphing to heaven, leaving only his flesh behind in the hands of death, and that also with an assured hope of having his body redeemed out of its power ere it be long, at the day of resurrection and restitution of all things.