"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

My Resolve

    I am living in the era of the world’s crisis.

    I am living in the era of the church’s crisis.

    I must face these solemn facts, and plan to make my life produce the largest possible fruitage for my Heavenly Father through lip and life.

    Therefore, with His enabling...

    I will, with unquestioning faith, give more time to the definite perusal of the Word of God.

    I will give more time to prayer for the Holy Spirit’s outpouring and God’s blessing upon His work and workers.

    I will give more time to personal work for the salvation of lost souls.

    I will give more liberally to God’s work and with more definite knowledge of where and how my gifts are being used.

    I will stand, by God’s grace, with unquestioning confidence in the whole Word of God, and with the unsheathed Sword of the Spirit, contend for the faith once for all delivered against all deceivers in school, church and nation.