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Delay Is Dangerous

By T. A. Hegre

    I suppose that the greatest robber of Christian growth is the thought of tomorrow, next week, or next year being soon enough. The time to act is when Christ’s call is just heard. Delay generally means that one is looking for a way out.

    A woman in London amazed everyone who knew her by her rapid growth to spiritual maturity. She had been a very wicked woman, having lived in grossest sin. One day she received Christ as her Savior. In one year she advanced so rapidly in her Christian life and service that it seemed to the mission superintendent that she had entirely outstripped him.

    When asked the secret of her so amazing growth in grace, she answered in just two words, "Instant obedience." This is the secret. There is no substitute for quick obedience when the call to the cross is heard.

    If we could only realize that it is the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords Who is giving us the opportunity to serve Him and become like Him, we would not hesitate. By embracing the cross as He did, we become eligible to share His throne as His Bride forever. We are not merely called to an organization or a system, but to a person, even Jesus Christ who gave Himself for us so that we could be able to give ourselves to Him.

    – From Message of the Cross.