Prayer The Power That Projects The Gospel

  By E. M. Bounds

    Adoniram Judson (1788-1850, American pioneer missionary to Burma) impressed an empire for Christ and laid the foundations of God’s kingdom with imperishable granite in the heart of Burma. He was one of the few men who mightily impressed the world for Christ. Many men of greater gift and genius than he have made no such impression. Their religious work is like footsteps in the sand.

    But Judson has engraved his work on enduring bedrock. The secret of the great depth of his lifework is found in the fact that he gave much time to prayer. He kept the iron red-hot with prayer, and God’s skill fashioned it with enduring power.

    "Arrange thy affairs, if possible," is Judson’s counsel, "so that thou canst leisurely devote two or three hours every day not merely to devotional exercises but to the very act of secret prayer and communion with God.

    "Endeavor seven times a day to withdraw from business and company and lift thy soul to God in private retirement.

    "Begin the day by rising after midnight, and devote some time amid the silence and darkness of the night to this sacred work. Let the hour of opening dawn find thee at the same work. Let the hours of nine, twelve, three, six and nine at night witness the same.

    "Be resolute in His cause. Make all practicable sacrifices to maintain it.

    "Consider that thy time is short, and that business and company must not be allowed to rob thee of thy God."