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Walking By Faith

By Rich Carmicheal

    "For we walk by faith, not by sight" (2 Cor. 5:7). Have you ever wished that the Lord allowed the reverse to be true – that we could walk by sight instead of by faith? Do you ever get to the point where it seems like it might be easier if you could see and possess the Lord’s provision without having to trust Him in advance for it? For example, one of the things we must trust the Lord daily for here in the Herald office is His provision for the financial needs of this ministry. Sometimes our faith is stretched as we must delay mailings for a time until sufficient funds come in to cover postage. I must confess that at times I have thought that it would be much easier if the Lord would allow the ministry to have a large bank account so that funds would not be an issue. Earlier this year I even caught myself saying, "It would be nice if the Lord would allow us to walk by sight instead of by faith."

    One day, however, I sensed the Lord say in my spirit, "Rich, you don’t really mean that." He went on to share with me that if this ministry walks by sight we will only be able to go as far as we can see. But if we walk by faith, we will be able to go as far as He can see. In other words, it’s a matter of whether we want to minister in the realm of man’s resources and possibilities or in the realm of the Lord’s resources and possibilities. I no longer ponder what it would be like to walk by sight. I want to walk by faith and enter into all that the Lord has in store!

    Perhaps you’re in a situation where your faith is really being stretched. Maybe you’re looking to the Lord in faith for the salvation of a family member or friend, for deliverance for someone, for the return of a wayward child or friend, for healing, for financial provision, for direction, for the restoration of a marriage, for employment, and the list can go on and on. The encouragement the Lord gives us is to press on in faith. In seeking Him, we are inviting Him to bring into our situation His power and His resources. And, as the Apostle Paul reminds us, the Lord "is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think…" (Eph. 3:20).

The Lord Works Through Faith

    Just think of some of the many things mentioned in the Bible that God did for His people in response to their faith in Him. Noah was enabled to save his family from the destruction of the flood. Abraham, though well past age, was enabled to have a son and descendants too numerous to count. The Israelites saw the sea part and the walls of Jericho fall. The people of Judah saw the Lord deliver them from what seemed an invincible army. David conquered Goliath, Daniel survived the lions’ den, and his three friends were untouched by the blazing furnace. The blind received their sight, the deaf received their hearing, and many sick people were healed.

    When we place our faith in the Lord, He does mighty things, but where faith is lacking, we will not see His power. For example, Jesus did not do many miracles in His hometown because of the people’s lack of faith (Matt. 13:58). Faith, therefore, is vital and opens the door for the Lord to intervene in our situation. And with Him "nothing is impossible" (Luke 1:37) or, stated in another way, "everything is possible for him who believes" (Mark 9:23).

    I wonder what the Lord has in mind for situations facing you? What incredible things could He do in your life or others’ lives as you look to Him in faith? What does the Lord have in mind for the ministry of Herald of His Coming? What could He do and what will He do as we join together in looking to Him in faith? You and I can imagine some wonderful things when we walk by sight, but when we walk by faith we enter the realm far beyond our imagination – we enter into the Lord’s possibilities.

    One important issue in the matter of faith is to find out what the will of the Lord is. For example, a key to Abraham’s faith was that he was "fully persuaded that God had the power to do what He had promised" (Rom. 4:21). Abraham knew the will of God and the promises of God, and he believed God completely. The heart of faith is, after all, a relationship with God. It is knowing Him, trusting Him, loving Him and obeying Him. When we approach God with this kind of heart, we can be confident that He hears us and will respond to our prayers with His mighty love and power.

Praying in Faith for Herald of His Coming

    I invite you to join the Herald staff as we look to the Lord in faith for the ministry of Herald of His Coming. There are a number of matters we believe the Lord has on His heart for this ministry and we want to press on in faith toward them. For example, Brother and Sister Moore, founders of this ministry, together with other past Herald workers, prayed that the latter season of the Herald would be more glorious than the beginning season. Considering how blessed this ministry was under the leadership of the Moores (1941-1980), it seems a great deal to ask the Lord that this latter season be even more blessed. But our God is a great God, and He is able to do it! Certainly the need in the world is as great (or greater) than ever, and there can be no doubt that revival and salvation materials are needed desperately in many places. Please join us in believing the Lord for increased anointing and outreach. What a blessed privilege it is to share His message!

    With this in mind, we are taking the next step in adding on some much needed room to the Herald office building – room that is essential for increased outreach. As you may recall, the Lord blessed the ministry with gifts that enabled the Herald office building purchased in August 2003 to be completely paid for by the beginning of 2006 – in just two and a half years! We are now in the process of submitting building plans to state and city officials for a 900 sq/ft addition that we hope to begin yet this fall. It will include an office, a prayer room, and a large room that will provide a better area for loading/unloading, storage of materials and supplies, along with a work area. Much of the construction will be done by volunteers.

    Please join us also in looking to the Lord in faith for His anointing and provision for present Herald International editions, including some that are not printing regularly. We long to see the Lord do all that is on His heart to do through these Herald International editions. By the way, we recently had the privilege of visiting with one of the leaders of the new Romanian edition. We praise the Lord for her report of how He is already using this new edition to spark renewal and revival in the hearts of Romanian readers, including pastors. We also praise the Lord that the first issue of the Shona Herald should be printed and distributed by October!

    Please join us also in looking to the Lord in faith for the opportunity for ministry in Congo (former Zaire). We have been learning more about the desperate and seemingly hopeless conditions there, and we sense that the Lord may be leading us to begin a Swahili translation especially for Congo (this would be in addition to the Swahili Herald already printing in Kenya). We may share more information with you about Congo in future issues of the Herald, but for now we simply share that we are seeking the Lord’s will regarding the Herald’s ministry in Congo. We hope you will join us in praying about this. We have asked a missionary friend who will be in Congo this fall and next spring to explore this possibility for us. The hope for Congo is the Lord, and it seems that He may be raising up various ministries to help His people in Congo lead the way to spiritual and physical healing in the land. What a privilege it will be if the Lord allows the Herald to be part of this. (We are not prepared to receive any donations for this potential work. We ask only for your prayers concerning the Lord’s will.)    We also ask you to join us seeking the Lord in faith for His continued provision of messages and His powerful anointing upon each issue of Herald of His Coming. We praise the Lord for opportunities to share such significant messages as "Revival Tarries When Shepherds Fail" by Henry Blackaby in last month’s issue and "Bearing God’s Burden For Others" by Dennis Kinlaw in this issue. May the Lord use them, and other Herald articles, to light fires of renewal and revival in the lives of many pastors and churches!