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The Intercessor – Gift Of God's Grace

By Charles H. Spurgeon

    Jeremiah interceded for the people, but we have not to seek far before we discover the reason why he did it.  God gave the weeping prophet to His sinful people in order that they might not be left as sheep without a shepherd.  Wherever you meet with a man who intercedes with God for his fellow men and makes this the main business of his life, you see in him one of the most precious gifts of God’s grace to the age in which he lives.

    It is God who writes intercession upon men’s hearts.  All true prayer comes from Him, but especially that least selfish and most Christlike form of prayer called intercession, when the suppliant forgets all about himself and his own needs--and all his pleadings, his tears and his arguments are on behalf of others.  Such men are the most precious gift from Heaven.