"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Filled To Your Measure

    God, who fashioned every atom and capability of our nature, knows that in order to render our service delightful and easy, He must in very kindness to us demand every capability of our being. But nothing can bring out the fullness of our capability except being "filled with the Spirit."

    Inasmuch as God formed us for Himself we never reach our true self till we are completely united to God. It is the fullness of the Holy Spirit that brings out the full capabilities of the creature. When the believer is filled with the Holy Spirit, all the faculties and latent capacities of the soul are wondrously opened and intensified in Divine service. Our faculties, like the sails of a ship, need to be cleansed from rust and mildew, then hoisted, unfurled, and filled up to their measure with the gales of the Eternal Spirit.

    Thousands of believers who are truly the servants of God, are yet almost totally ignorant of their religious capabilities. Your capabilities for endurance, for faith, for vividness of spiritual understanding, for witnessing, for praying, for self-sacrifice, for intensity of love, for victory over trial, for courage and gentleness, for steady zeal and tireless work--you will never know, nor ever dream of your capabilities in these things, till you are filled with the Spirit and continue to get filled up to your measure.

    When we are filled with the Spirit, we then have capability to do or bear anything that God wants us to.

Enormous Spiritual Waste

    Oh, what an enormous waste of capacity is lying unknown and idle in the Church! Often the very things that Christians shrink from, saying they can not do or suffer such things, are the very things they will gladly do and bear when under the mighty baptism of the Holy Spirit.

    We do not know the virtue of the soil, nor the latent seeds buried in it, except by the fiery baptism of summer sunshine.

    If preachers who are trying to educate their people into God's service, would only lead them into the baptism of the Spirit, they would see to their glad amazement that the Holy Spirit would resurrect and inflame the latent capacities of the various church members more in one week than all their poor education could do in a lifetime.

    What would be thought of a farmer who should attempt, by rake culture, to cause the latent seed to sprout, instead of giving it sunshine, and yet the man who tries to bring out the religious capacities of the soul by education instead of by the Holy Spirit, is just like such a farmer.

The Master's Power for the Master's Work

    Oh, how the baptism of fire takes hold of the great deep of the soul and lifts it beyond crutches and babyhood! Many believers are like those Alps on whose northern sides the sunshine has never fallen, and the deep ravines of whose natures have never known their possibilities of fruit.

    To be filled with the Spirit, to be drinking every day deeper and yet deeper of the nature of God--will purify, adorn and expand every God-given capability of man.

    What unction in preaching, what sweetness of song, what glowing testimony, what fervency of prayer, what generosity of giving, what heavenly thinking, what patience in sorrow, what stretches of faith, what heroism of toil, what penetration of vision, what diligence of application--are brought into exercise by the fullness of the Spirit! It brings the soul into the very Heaven of Heavens, and brings every gold mine of capacity into the coin of service.