"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

One In Three; Three In One!

    Of ourselves we can do nothing. Sooner or later, we must acknowledge and accept this truth absolutely. Yet, since we are creatures, possessing a free will, our task is to be willing to be led and guided, hearing and obeying, not once only, but always, the invitation of Jesus: "Come unto Me" (Matthew 11:28).

    Having accepted the invitation, let us place ourselves at His school to contemplate Him. There we are invited to take His yoke, whatsoever it may be, and abide in Him always, never becoming independent, but as we have begun with Him to so continue with, in Him.

    The Holy Spirit, intent as He is in lifting up Jesus and to immerse us completely in Him by a process of continuous sanctification, separation and purification, the Holy Spirit, tender and efficacious Paraclete--will never fail or leave us, if we elect Him as our Guide and continuous strength.

    The commands of the Lord are never given in a lump sum, but one at a time. Jesus, during the days of His humiliation, was commanded by the Holy Spirit. He still commands by the Holy Spirit, every command being always preceded by grace, without which to obey and accept His yoke would be impossible.

    Just to gaze upon that Face is enough to assure us that what He says, He does, for in Him words are deeds, deeds are words (rema); consequently, His yoke is sweet, pleasing and light.

    Great God! One in Three and Three in One.
    God the Father: Eternal Love.
    God the Holy Spirit: Comforter, Leader and Glorifier.
    God the Son: Jesus Christ, Hope of Glory, Bridegroom and Lamb.

    – From The Law Of The Spirit.