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The Power Of Accumulative Prayer

    A. B. Simpson gives a wonderful example of the power of accumulative prayer in the Alliance Weekly. The writer saw a very striking illustration of this in the city of Rangoon, where the largest and finest bell in the East is the peculiar pride of the great Buddhist temple, Shwee-da-gone.

    This bell had been sunk in the river during one of the Anglo-Burman wars, and unavailing efforts had been made by various engineers to raise it. At last a clever priest asked permission to make the attempt on condition that the bell be given to his temple.

    He then had his assistants gather an immense number of bamboo rods. These hollow, light, buoyant rods can scarcely be kept from floating on the water. These bamboo rods were taken down one by one by divers and fastened to the bell at the bottom of the river.  After many thousands of them had been securely fastened, it was noticed that the bell began to move, and when the last bamboo rod had been added, the buoyancy of the accumulated rods was so great that they actually lifted the enormous mass of bronze from the soot and mire of the river bottom and bore it to the surface of the stream.

    So faith can lift the heaviest of burdens and the highest of mountains. Every whisper of believing prayer is like one of the little bamboo rods. For a time they seem to be in vain, but there comes a last breath of believing supplication, and lo, the walls of Jericho fall, the mountain becomes a plain, the host of Amalek is defeated.

    Dear Christian friend, will you join in intercessory prayer for a heaven-sent revival? You, united with others in prayer, can bring such a revival about, for that is the way a revival is started. Just as the accumulation of many bamboo rods raised a tremendous weight from the bottom of a river, so will the accumulated prayers of many believing Christians finally rend the heavens and bring down a great revival from heaven over our beloved country. Will you not get a friend or someone of your family to join you?