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Excel In Prayer

    "But above all," said William Penn in testimony concerning George Fox, "...but above all, he excelled in prayer." This testimony points to the source of spiritual power in Fox's life; it explains the strength with which he labored on earth for the glory of God, the confounding of Satan, and the satisfaction of the souls of men.

    A quotation of this kind should cause each of us to search his heart, asking the question: In what do I excel? For we do excel at some point. The question is, What is that point?

    "But, above all, he excelled in prayer"; and true Spirit-directed prayer will always lift us to the heavenly highland, the place "above all." Then by faith we lay hold on the very throne of grace. Once we reach that place where prayer has become the "above all" of the Christian life, then other things assume their proper perspective and fall into place. Then our lives become infused with the very power of God.

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