"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Sound The Alarm!

By A. B. Simpson

Sound the alarm through the earth and the heavens!
Summon the slumbering world to attend!
Jesus is coming! The hour is impending!
Sound the alarm to earth’s uttermost end!

Sound the alarm in the ears of the sinner!
Haste, ere the time of probation be past!
Now is the day of salvation, improve it;
Mercy long lingers, but doom comes at last. 

Sound the alarm to the slumbering Christian!
Are you prepared should the Bridegroom appear,
Oil in your vessels, your lamps trimmed and burning?
Brother, be ready, the Master is near. 

Sound the alarm to the millions that wander
Out in the darkness of heathendom’s night!
Tell them the King of all kingdoms is coming;
Tell them of Jesus, and send them the light.

Sound the alarm to the scoffers and worldlings!
Long have ye mocked at His grace and His word.
“Look, ye despisers, and wonder, and perish,”
Where shall you hide in the day of the Lord?