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Preparing For Christ’s Coming

By J. Hudson Taylor

    Well do I remember the effect, when God was pleased to open my own heart to this great truth that the Lord Jesus was coming again, and that He might come at any time.  I had not many books, but it sent me to see if I could give a good account of all I had, and also of the contents of my little wardrobe.  The result was that some of the books disappeared before long, and some of the clothing too.  It was an immense spiritual blessing to me.  When I go home from China, and can make time to go through my house from attic to basement with my dear wife, to review our things in the light of His speedy Return, I always find it a profitable spiritual exercise to see what we can do without.

    It is important to remember that we are stewards who have to give an account of everything that we retain; and unless we can give a good reason for the retention, shall we not be ashamed when the Master comes?  And since He may come any day, is it not well to be ready every day?  I do not know of any truth that has been a greater blessing to me through life than this.