"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Life’s Priorities In The Light Of Christ’s Return

By Fred D. Jarvis

    Jesus Christ is coming back to earth!  Some day we shall see the King in His beauty! (Isa. 33:17).

    The Return of the Lord Jesus should be the strongest incentive to soul-winning, sacrificial giving and missionary outreach.

    Meeting minimal demands of modern churchianity is not enough.  Our faith today is often irrelevant, insipid, and empty.  We need more Bible conviction rather than fuzzy generalizations.  It is time for us to rise up out of generations of neglect and because Jesus is coming soon we must warn the world.

    “Christ for every creature” is still our clear commission.  Materialism must give way to evangelism.  Formalism must give way to fire.  We owe the world the Gospel.

    In the light of Christ’s imminent Return, we must rearrange our priorities.  Will He be satisfied with our present level of living and giving?  Prayer must be restored to its rightful place.

    I write from a hungry heart for hungry people.  We need a new agony for souls.  Our church services are often shallow and superficial.  We must discover and recover the message of the Book of Acts.  We need the new wind and fire of Pentecost.  We need a new vision of our majestic Christ in all His matchless beauty, glory, and power.  God wants to do a new work today.  He wants to do a thorough work and do it suddenly (2 Chr. 29:36).  Revival cannot be created, it must be prayed down.

    Let us follow the narrow road of repentance back to Calvary.  Let us go back to the glorious heights where God meets the soul.  In the light of Jesus’ Return, let us determine to be our best for Him.  May God quicken our hearts, enlighten our minds and set our souls aflame with a new dedication to the unfinished task of world evangelization.  Christ paid the price to purchase our salvation, let us pay the price to publish it.

    Jesus is coming soon.  These desperate days demand holy living and an all-out effort to evangelize the lost at home and abroad.  Let us do our very best to stir the church and win the lost.

    “...Looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and our Savior Jesus Christ” (Titus 2:13).