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What Is Faith?

  By James H. McConkey 

    Faith is simply looking unto Jesus Christ.  It is the helpless, needy, tempted soul, conscious of its own weakness and utter inability to cope with the difficulties all about it, and therefore looking away from all these things to God alone as its source of strength and deliverance.  Faith thus looks to God.  

    But anxiety looks to things.  Anxiety turns the soul’s gaze away from God to the circumstances about us.  It causes us to plan and brood about the multiple of things which seek to harass us.  In so doing we get our eyes off God.  And this is to lose the attitude of faith.  

    When we look to God, we trust.  When we look to things, and circumstances, and surroundings, we grow anxious.  “The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith,” says Andrew Murray.  When we begin to grow anxious, faith languishes.  

    “My eyes are ever toward the Lord; for He shall pluck my feet out of the net,” says the wise psalmist (Psa. 25:15).  So long as he keeps looking unto God, God will take care of the nets and pitfalls which are spread in his pathway.  This is the walk of faith.  But when he himself begins to try to manage the nets and pitfalls and looks away from God, he begins to be filled with anxious care, and this is ruinous to faith.