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Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page 


    Praise the Lord for the Herald of His Coming family.  I am so grateful to God for using the ministry to impact me for eternity.  Every article from this blessed paper refreshes and inspires revival.  …I was the first person to get saved in my family and by God’s grace eight others have given their lives to Christ.  It was not easy though at first.  It was tough and rough....  But, by God’s grace, in my first year a dear brother gave me an old Herald paper and upon reading it, every word and line was loaded with heaven’s power.  It changed me totally and it continues to do so.  Herald of His Coming was my first “Bible school” and one I will never graduate from.  God bless you big Herald family.

    Another writes:  I don’t know what I would do without Herald of His Coming as I have relied on it for deep spiritual nourishment and knowledge since the 1980s.  May God bless you for the diligent and faithful service.

    And another:  I greatly appreciate Herald of His Coming....  When I started receiving the paper I was a young Christian and now I am a pastor.  I have received a lot of help on how to handle some issues in the ministry/church by the assistance of messages in the paper.  May the Lord our God grant you grace and strength both financially and spiritually to continue the same and reach more people.


    Each time we receive Herald of His Coming we are blessed by the many precious articles, which help us to know our Heavenly Father, bringing us closer to Him, and understanding His will for our lives....  We pray much for revival in our nation and are ever thankful for the Herald’s help in guiding us to pray effectively.  May our Lord, in His mercy, hear our prayers.


    May God richly bless Herald of His Coming for the good work you are doing to touch souls and win them for Christ....  Thanks for the ten copies I receive and share every month. 


    I never cease to be amazed at how relevant the messages in Herald of His Coming are to our present times, and to me personally.  I am deeply grateful to the Lord for bringing it to my notice, and I look forward to receiving the next issue....  May God bless you in this ministry and continue to bring glory to His name.

    Another writes:  Herald of His Coming never fails to encourage, challenge and inspire me in the things of God – especially in prayer and seeking revival.  You are always in my prayers.

    And another:  Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming.  It is a blessing and encouragement as I try to stay close to the Lord and be a witness to the Gospel.  I enclose a donation for distribution so ­others can have the opportunity to hear the Gospel through reading the Herald. 


    I thank you a lot for Herald of His Coming.  It makes me grow spiritually and helps to alert us about the imminent coming of our Savior.  Below is my new address.... 


    Thank you for the timely distribution of Herald of His Coming and for being the push in my life to read more and study the Word of God.


    Herald of His Coming has been my best companion and a tool for my spiritual growth.  It was the Herald that paved my way to salvation more than twenty years ago.  Through the heart-touching teachings I read in the paper I realized that I needed to be saved and become a true follower of Jesus Christ....  It is my prayer that God bless you abundantly.... 


    Please continue sending Herald of His Coming for by it you are feeding my soul and helping me to know more deeply and intimately our God the Father, His beloved Son Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit.  I am so happy to know that you are glad to distribute the paper (free of charge) to all who desire it. 


    Bauchi State:  Herald of His Coming is the best and has affected me positively.  May God bless every person who is involved to make this happen....  I have some young students under me that I teach the Word of God and I would like to share the Herald with them.  I wish to ask if the issues can be sent to me in bulk so it can reach every one of them.  I will be most grateful....

    Anambra State:  I bless the Lord for the immeasurable spiritual support I have been receiving from Herald of His Coming.  I have discovered that genuine Christian materials are scarce, but with the Herald I am blessed.  May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to increase you all round.  I thank the entire team for this life-transforming paper.

    Abia State:  May I use this opportunity to thank you immensely for consistently sending to me my package of Herald of His Coming.  The messages have been a daily bread and source of blessing to me and to the friends who collect a copy from me.  Please continue to send me the Herald.  More grease to your elbows.

    Ogun State:  I want to express my profound gratitude to you for the Herald of His Coming papers sent to me.  They are certainly the kind of materials we need at this season we are in.  ...Thank you very much for making yourself available for the use of the Lord.  I look forward to receiving this treasure each month. 


    I am so thankful for a ministry that stays true to God’s Word and does not compromise to appease the world.  Thank you for the rich, spiritual content in each paper.  ...May God continue to use Herald of His Coming for many more years. 


    …The Herald staff and offices around the world are always in my prayers.  Every issue of Herald of His Coming is an encouragement to watch and pray.  They keep me alert as I give priority to prayer.  Please be kind enough to send me a copy of The Master’s Indwelling by Brother Andrew Murray in magazine format. 


    I thank you very much for continuing to send me Herald of His Coming for all these years although I have taken a long time without communicating with you.  I have been receiving the paper since 1998 and I am always blessed by the anointed messages therein.  I have been encouraged to pray and to read the Bible.  I encourage my brethren in the Lord using the messages I find there. 


    Thanks for continuing to send me the Herald of His Coming papers.  I look forward to the challenges and encouragement from the messages.  I will continue to pray that the Almighty God will sustain the work and workers for the accomplishment of His will.


    ...Every issue of Herald of His Coming has enriched my heart, mind and spirit.  I devour every article, marking them with highlights for additional study, meditation and memorization.  I pray God’s richest blessings and highest favor upon [the staff and ministry] as you persevere, challenging the saints, convicting the fallen, and most important, glorifying God. 


    I appreciate your articles in Herald of His Coming on prayer so, so much!  I have sent some of these to two on-­campus ministries.  The campus environment nowadays is very dark...little interest in finding the Lord.  Much prayer is needed!  I have also used the prayer encouragement articles to pray more for my young grandchildren.  The Lord bless you! 


    I cannot express how blessed I have been through your ministry.  Herald of His Coming has played a tremendous role in my maturity in Christ.  It is very honest, direct and never compromising in ministering the truth.  I am always encouraged to strive a little harder, to give a little more of myself to the Lord of my life and Savior of my soul.  I am also encouraged in my responsibilities in my prayer life.  You keep me informed and updated on world events and what my brothers and sisters in Christ are experiencing.  I desire to be a prayer warrior and agree with the heart of my Father and my fellow Christians on His kingdom to come, that His will may be done on earth and His name glorified.  ...Know that I pray for the Herald regularly and anticipate my next issue.