"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Cast Them Into The Deep Ocean Of His All-Cleansing Blood!

By Henry Law (1797 – 1884)

    We give thanks unto You, O Father, for You are good, for Your mercy endures forever!

    May Your dear Son, our only Savior, be this day more and more revealed to our adoring hearts.  We desire to know the breadth and length, the depth and height of His all-­surpassing love!

    Help us to gaze more and more with the eye of faith, on Him who was cru­cified for us – until we are changed into His image from glory to glory.

    May we learn at His Cross the exceeding vileness and dreadful deceits of sin.  We would be taught to measure the infinitude of His tender pitifulness – by the infinitude of His sufferings in our place.  We would bring every sin of ­every moment of our lives – and cast them into the deep ocean of His all-cleansing blood!

    Blessed Jesus, through You we have access to the Father.  Through You we now draw near.  Ever adored be Your grace for this ready way, opened through the rent veil of Your crucified body.

    Great High Priest, ever pleading at God’s right hand, receive our sin-soiled prayers, cleanse them in Your precious blood, perfume them by the sweet savor of Your merits, and obtain acceptance for them.  Extend Your wounded hands in our behalf.  Behold us in the depths of our need – and pour down blessings on our waiting souls.

    May Your Word go forth, conquering and to conquer.  Strengthen it as a hammer – to break our rocky hearts into pieces.  Nothing exceeds Your power.

    Nothing is too good for You to give.
    Infinite is Your might!
    Boundless is Your love!
    Limitless is Your grace!
    Nothing is too great for You to accomplish!

    Put forth Your power, and may sinners be repenting, prodigals be restored, outcasts be brought in, rebels be subdued, backsliders be reclaimed, Satan’s captives be released, blind eyes be opened, broken hearts be bound up, the desponding be cheered, the self-righteous be stripped of their vain pleas, the formalist be driven from a refuge of lies, the ignorant be enlightened, brands be plucked out of the fire, Your saints be built up in  their most holy faith, and fitted for their eternal glorious inheritance!

    We ask great things – but we ask of You – our great and awesome God, all in the name of our glorious and almighty Savior, even Your own Son, Jesus Christ, our infallible Mediator and Redeemer.  Amen. 

    – Henry Law was a prominent figure in the evangelical party of the Church of England.