"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I just received the Herald of His Coming for September and my heart is so refreshed after reading it.  I am determined to hold fast and pray through more than ever.  May God continue to cause His face to shine on you and supply every resource needed to do His work. 


    What a blessing the Herald is to me!  My small prayer group, who meet every month at my home and are hungry for His Word, are lapping up so many lessons from Herald of His Coming.  Thank you for this amazing resource.  This group of mostly seniors love the Lord and still have a great deal to share as they have tasted so much of God’s goodness and love. 


    Borno State:  I thank God for the encouraging articles in the monthly Heralds.  We were completely displaced by the Boko Haram insurgents.  Our houses and churches were burnt, family members killed and others kidnapped, but whenever I lay hands on and read related articles from the Herald I receive encouragement and comfort.

    Adamawa State:  Since I started receiving the Herald many years back, this fellowship was been my source of spiritual growth.  It has helped me in developing my prayer life and also assisted me in understanding Scripture.  I pray that God will continue to bless you and increase you richly.

    Kaduna State:  Only time and eternity can tell the tremendous impact the Herald has made in my life and those around me.  It is because of Herald of His Coming that I can stand boldly and renounce false doctrine and it has given me a clear view of the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  The Lord bless you all and may He keep the ministry going from strength to strength, and from glory to glory. 


    I have been receiving Herald of His Coming for six years and I have benefited a lot from it.  My soul has been enriched with the Word of God through the ­reviving teachings of the Herald.  Its messages are life-transforming, quenching the thirsty and filling hungry souls.  Please keep my name on the mailing list.   


    Herald of His Coming is a blessing to my life.  Its messages make me to raise the standard as I shepherd the flock the Lord has put under my care.  It is like the hammer as it molds and sharpens my life and makes me deal with my spiritual potholes.  It strengthens me and keeps me “awake” and always at watch for His Coming.

    Another writes:  I pastor a small group of believers.  I have used the Herald and our lives have not remained the same.  The articles have encouraged me to walk by faith and keep on praying.

    Another shares:  Thank you for the Herald of His Coming and Right Choice (Salvation paper).  We very much appreciate your kindness.  The Bible school students and our church ministry are very grateful for your help.  With the situation in Kenya as it is today, we are especially glad for the assistance to strengthen Christians to stand firm in the Lord.

    And another:  As a deacon in the church, the Herald of His Coming equips me for ministry ensuring I preach sound doctrine to the Christians at this time when false teachers are misleading many.  I share the papers with leaders in the church and they are all very pleased with the material.  It is building us up spiritually. 


    Herald of His Coming has been a blessing to me, more in this time when the devil has risen to weaken true prayers in the life of believers.  But I thank God for using Herald of His Coming to keep me and others in the true way of prayer and worship.  It encourages me to fight on through prayer despite the challenges of life. 


    I thank you from my heart for this anointed, true Christian paper.  The Herald of His Coming is a great blessing from the beginning to the end.  I always find encouragement in the articles and I wish to continue to receive it.  I had the joy to see a little group of Nepalese start their own meeting after I had given a few of them (English speaking) some of the Herald issues.  May the Lord Jesus Christ be blessed and loved forever!

    Another writes:  I always pray for God’s blessing on the anointed Heralds which are so precious to me.  I am 85 years old now.  I have received it for many years and can hardly wait for each new issue. 


    Thanks, Herald of His Coming.  We love receiving the paper. 


    I have much appreciation for your faithfulness in sending the monthly Herald.  They are always encouraging and challenging – especially the articles on prayer which we really need in these perilous time in which we live.  You are always in my prayers. 


    I am very thankful for the Herald of His Coming editions I have been receiving since 1992.  Many people have benefited as I distribute to all denominations around and distant places as well.  The paper is used for Bible study sessions, revival meetings, and I have been helped as a ­pastor in discipleship aspects.  Please keep on sending the copies.... 


    I want to express my thanks for the wonderful messages I receive every month.  The articles in the Herald are real meat for my soul.  I started reading the ­paper when I was in Sri Lanka in 1972 after I came to the Lord.  All the messages kept me growing and thirsting for God more.  Now I am a missionary, but still being fed by the precious messages in Herald of His Coming.  I am praying for you. 


    Thank you for sending us Herald of His Coming.  I look forward with great eagerness to receive this paper.  The messages are very inspiring and challenging, helpful and encouraging.  Keep up the good work.  We keep you in our prayers before the Lord. 


    I really enjoy Herald of His Coming.  I find it hard to part with it.  For the past year I have been living in a rural area of our country and I have been depending on the Herald of His Coming you have been faithful to send me. 


    I have received Herald of His Coming for many years and have been blessed with every issue.  I pass each one on to someone else to read after I have read it two or three times.  Please continue to send them to me as I am not able to attend church while I care for my husband who is housebound.  The Herald is our messenger right now. 


    Love the Herald!  It is so needed in this hour of compromise.  Keep up the good work of getting out in print the word that is seldom heard from today’s pulpits. 


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming.  All the articles bless me, but I especially love the ones on intercession.  These expand my prayer life and enrich my worship time.  I am so grateful. 


    It is an honor to stand with this ministry.  Each issue of Herald of His Coming contains spiritual food that has blessed us in our walk with Christ.   


    I am so very grateful for Herald of His Coming faithfully sounding the bugle to keep the army of God alert, aroused and moving forward, fighting the good fight of faith.  So much of the army is content to remain in church boot camps, ever training, training, training.  May the Herald ministry stand its post to encourage and supply God’s frontline troops, ‘til revival reinforcements come! 


    Herald of His Coming kept me company during the dark days of prison, now I hope you will be with me during the brighter days of freedom.  As always my true light comes from Jesus Christ and He will be with me as I start all over again in the life of this world with my eyes firmly on the kingdom of God to come.   


    Thank you for faithfully sending me Herald of His Coming for 50 years.  It is consistent in exalting our wonderful Lord and Savior.  May we never lose the wonder of who He is, and why He came.