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 Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I have no words to explain how much I benefit from the Spirit-filled messages of Herald of His Coming. It is a source of spiritual nourishment. Whenever I start reading it I find myself reading my Bible more deeply. I feel the presence of the Spirit while I read the messages from men of God of old and current time. I believe the fully yielded lives of the writers make the messages more influential and bring the presence of the Lord.


    I have been truly blessed by the Herald of His Coming papers that you send me. The messages have taught me many things regarding revival and the will of God. I live in a country in which it is not easy to hear the Word of God as often as you want, but I thank the Lord that He never leaves nor forsakes me. I pray that you would continuously send me copies as often as you can. Please pray for my nation, Eritrea, because we are in dire need of a Spirit-filled revival....


    Thank you for sending us Herald of His Coming on a regular basis. It is a great blessing to us. I don’t know of any other Christian literature/paper that carries such a great anointing with it like the Herald. You cut the Word straight – that is what our Lord loves very much. Revival is God’s heartbeat. It will surely come. The promise is given. He will bring to pass what He has promised.


    May God continue to bless Herald of His Coming as it is preparing many believers throughout the world to remain faithful to the end and to wait eagerly for the coming of the Lord Yeshua Messiah.


    I got a chance to know of this ministry through a friend of mine here in prison who gave me a Herald of His Coming newspaper. I loved it and was glad to read of the good news of revival and many great things in the Bible that are written there. Please I would like to be receiving the paper always and I would like to include three of my friends that are here with me.


    Jigawa State: I am very happy that you are sending me Herald of His Coming. It is powerful and I find it interesting as it makes me get closer to God and to read my Bible daily. Please continue to send me the paper and I will continue to pray for you all. I am also sharing it with my relatives and neighbors.

    Lagos State: I enjoy reading Herald of His Coming because of the old-time truth espoused by the paper. The contents of the paper are what we require at this last day to keep us abreast of the coming of the Lord. Every day the devil is plotting to keep us away from all that is spiritual and fill our life with sensual and ephemeral things, but we will not lose focus of where we are journeying to (heaven). Please keep up the good work and may God continue to provide for the production and distribution of His work.

    Yobe State: Herald of His Coming has been a source of spiritual upliftment. It has encouraged me to live a holy and blameless life especially in the aspect of my prayer life and communion with God.


    I thank God for joining me to Herald of His Coming. My life of prayer has been lifted up. The ministry is a gift of God to me. May the gracious God increase you in the end time grace. Thanks.


    I am very grateful to you for listing me in your monthly supply of Herald of His Coming. This has made my heart to rise up with deep yearnings for God’s presence. My prayer life and ministry has greatly changed so that I now live a holy life. May the Lord continually use you to reach out to many and transform souls. We will always keep you in our prayers.

    Another writes: First of all, I would like to thank you for your faithfulness for sending me Herald of His Coming magazines for more than thirty years. I am writing to remind you that I am still blessed and edified by reading these God-inspired papers each month. In it I am encouraged, uplifted and edified. Since I started reading the Herald I have matured – have put away things of childhood. The Herald has become a backbone of my spiritual life next to the Bible. Every month I look forward with great anticipation to receive the new issue.

    And another: I am living in a rural area of our country where Christian resources are so difficult to find. We have to go to urban centers where there are Christian bookshops, but they are so expensive to make purchases. For all the past years I have been depending only on the Herald magazines and materials you have been faithful to send to me.


    Please do not take me off the mailing list of Herald of His Coming. I am really enjoying the publication. The contents of the articles have really helped me in my faith and daily walk with God. I find them very educational as they also help me with my teaching and preaching at church.


    I have been very much enjoying the Herald of His Coming papers that come in the mail. They are excellent articles and very important at such a dry and weary time as the one in which we live. We desperately need revival! I would love to contribute financially but at this time I am in a difficult place with just losing my formal job. I do pray that God will continue to equip you and provide to continue this important ministry.


    Thank you for the excellent articles. I find Herald of His Coming such a blessing and I pass it on to others who also find encouragement. I have sent a small donation to help with the ministry.


    In these dark days when our land has turned away from the Living God to worship at the altar of "political correctness" and our brothers and sisters in Christ are mocked for standing up for the things of God – Herald of His Coming comes to us like a lamp shining in the darkness pouring out the Word of God, giving light upon our spiritual path...We too continue to pray for revival in our land, that the Lord will have mercy on us all and send His Mighty Comforter once more. Nothing but a sovereign work of the Holy Spirit will do at this eleventh hour. Thank you for your constancy which gives us courage to press on towards the mark.

    Another writes: Herald of His Coming is truly unique. Every month the messages speak to my heart and feed and nourish my soul. It is truly "manna" from heaven.


    May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you all for your faithfulness in sending us His wonderful, truthful word every month in Herald of His Coming. I find it hard to part with it, so if possible I would be grateful if you could send me an extra one to share with others.


    Herald of His Coming has blessed me for many years. More times than I can tell you it came at exactly the right time for our Lord and Savior to use it to help bring me out of the depths of loneliness, depression and heart break. I truly thank God for the publication.


    My wife and I are continually praying for the Herald of His Coming ministry. This little power packed paper has been a blessing to our family. Many times it seems as though the articles were written just for me…some sin I needed to confess and forsake, or becoming slack in my Bible study and prayer. On occasion we needed correction and many times I have been encouraged. Praise God.


    I have been getting Herald of His Coming for over fifty years. Keep up the good work of preaching the Word of God without compromising and without fear or favor of man. We are living in the last days when so many are falling away from preaching true repentance from sin and turning away from preaching holiness and righteous living – an easy gospel. May God have mercy.


    Thanks for your labor of love in providing exceptional devotional material for others. I dedicate my entire Sunday to religious input of one kind or another. Herald of His Coming is a welcome part of that input. There is always a spiritual challenge in it, something to help my spiritual growth. May God bless your efforts to grow strong Christians.


    I thank God for the message of hope that comes through Herald of His Coming. It challenges us to be constant in prayer, reading and doing and loving the Word. For God never changes and His heart is for the lost and to make disciples of His followers. I am so blessed and pray for your continual outreach.