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D. L. Moody’s Final Call To Seek God For Revival

By D. L. Moody

    The following excerpt is from the last call that D. L. Moody issued – an invitation in 1899 to the General Conference of Christian Workers:

    "Many thoughtful men have come to feel strongly that the hope of the church today is in a deep and widespread revival. We are confronted with difficulties that can be met in no other way. The enemy has come in like a flood – it is time for those who believe in a supernatural religion to look to God to lift up a standard against him. Oh, for a revival of such power that the tide of unbelief and worldliness that is sweeping in upon us shall be beaten back; that every Christian shall be lifted to a higher level of life and power, and multitudes of perishing souls be converted to God! Why not? God’s arm is not shortened, nor His ear heavy. I believe the sound of the going in the tops of the mulberry trees may already be heard.

    "The history of revivals proves that such a work must begin at the house of God. Who can doubt that if somehow the church could be thoroughly aroused – not a mere scratching of the surface of our emotions, but a deep heart-work that shall make us right with God and clothe us with power in prayer and service – [we] would witness the mightiest movements of the Holy Spirit since Pentecost?

    "Let us ‘break up our fallow ground,’ seek a fresh anointing of the Spirit, and then move forward, expecting great things of God…."