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Suffering For Christ

By S. A. Duncan 

    What made the early martyrs God’s invincibles but that they “loved not their lives unto the death” (Rev. 12:11), and were willing to stand in difficult places and hazard life, health, home, and all things that they might win for the Lamb slain, the reward of His sufferings?

    God’s conquering saints today are they who are willing to suffer any shame or criticism and injustice, and though “killed all the day long...counted as sheep for the slaughter” (Psa. 44:22), are absolutely irresistible, invincible.  That they might win Him honor and glory and praise, they died for Him, they drank the cup that He drank, they were baptized with the baptism with which He was baptized, and “without the camp” they suffered and bled with Him.

    This invincible spirit can only come to us, as it came to Paul, by the fullest renunciation of self, and the putting on of the Lord Jesus Christ, that Christ may be our life, and to die is for us heavenly gain.

    Everything that tries us is an opportunity to die with Him.  So when the fiery trials come to us as they did to Job – a holy type of God’s suffering, tried and purified saints – instead of getting under our cross and being crushed by it, we should let ourselves be lifted up upon it, and be made conformable to His death, knowing that if we suffer with Him, we shall also reign with Him, for there is no glory without suffering, and if there be no cross there is no crown.

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